AMD Radeon Vega VII Limited Stocks [Update]

Earlier we had reported that the stocks for AMD’s new 7nm Radeon Vega VII graphics card were very limited with less than 5,000 units available globally at launch. It was further reported that only 76 units would be coming to OverclockUK HQ and they’d make up half of UK’s launch day stock. France and Spain were supposed to get even lesser with 20 units each.

Now, as per an update from a representative of British computer hardware retailer Overclockers UK, although stocks are very limited on the first initial wave of stock, they are expecting several hundred more units in the next couple of weeks and around 1000 plus by end of this quarter.

Overclockers UK is partnered with Sapphire and continue to sell the AMD Radeon Vega VII for £649.99 and the retailer is guaranteeing to fulfill orders even if the card sells in thousands.

AMD Radeon Vega VII

The Radeon VII is priced at 739€ in Spain and France which comes to $840.06 courtesy of custom and other taxes. It’s hard to recommend the Vega VII at that price, especially when NVIDIA’s RTX 2080 sells for less and offers somewhat better performance with some additional features.

If rumors are to be believed, AMD’s partners didn’t get enough time to come up with their own custom models. As such for all the board partners, be it Sapphire, MSI or Asus, only the packaging will be different while the actual product will be identical.

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