Apple to Bring Out Foldable iPad By 2020 – (psst, it’s 5G ready!)

You heard that right! Apple is apparently hard at work with the development of a 5G enabled iPad that’s also foldable. With screen dimensions similar to the MacBook, these tablets will most likely be ready for primetime by 2020, says London based global market analyst Jeff Lin. He has claimed that Apple has been silently working on this project for quite a long time.

The iPad Pro is a godsend for creators around the world.

The fact that these tablets will have MacBook sized displays doesn’t surprise us to the extent that it should, considering that Apple’s current iPad Pro lineup already maxes out at a screen size of just a hair shy of 13 inches. But what does leave us reeling is the fact that Apple will be adopting foldable screen technology when it’s still in the early stages. Mind you, even Samsung had to delay the Galaxy Fold’s launch due to the niggles that reviewers faced with early units.

Apple almost NEVER uses technology that they aren’t certain of and usually take time to perfect features that other manufacturers have already been pushing for ages. A prime example of this would be AMOLED panels on the recent iterations of the iPhone or the inclusion of wireless charging in their product lineup.

It remains to be seen if Apple will source these “foldable” panels from Samsung.

The recent news that Google has laid down its sword in the tablet market is another harbinger of good news. Apple’s iPad has now won the tablet war and will be dominating the market for years to come with its versatile tablet lineup. It still remains to be seen how accurate these rumors are and knowing Apple, leaks this early before launch have the tendency of being wrong. For now, take this news with a pinch of salt and stay tuned to our site for more updates!

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