Meizu Zero : World’s First “Holeless” Smartphone

Every year, we get to see new bizarre trends in smartphones and this year is no exception. In the past years, smartphones with notched display took over the market, followed by removal of the headphone jack by the majority of cell phone vendors, the trends popularised by Apple which a lot of people hated. But this year, Meizu, a Chinese smartphone brand has decided to push the bar even further with their newly launched Meizu Zero with no ports! Yes, you read that right. Meizu has taken a bold move to eliminate all the physical I/O on the phone.

The Meizu Zero sports no buttons or ports and comes with their own flavor of wireless charging called ‘Super mCharge Wireless’. Although the phone does support Qi wireless charging, fast charging is limited to their own proprietary wireless base.


Made of a ceramic unibody, the phone uses e-sim instead of our traditional sim cards and has an on-screen fingerprint sensor. The phone uses ‘mSound 2.0’ to output sound instead of speaker grills. A technology that we got to see in the earlier variants of Xiaomi Mi Mix series.

The phone is IP68 certified dust and water resistant which means that the phone can withstand accidental submersion up to 2 meters underwater for up to 30 minutes.


Meizu Zero runs on Flyme 7, A custom version of Android, paired with Snapdragon 845, the fastest Snapdragon processor currently available on the market. For data transfer, USB-C cable can be used which is shipped with the wireless charging base. The data transfer speeds are yet to be tested but the company claims that the transfer speeds are quite high.

The phone is currently being sold on Indiegogo for $1299. Meizu has set a goal to achieve backing of $100,000 by the end of this month out of which (at the time of writing) ~$25,000 has already been raised.


The company promises to deliver a small batch of phones as early as April 2019. It’ll be exciting to see companies tackle the notch and bezel problem with more innovative ideas with Samsung going for a no-notch pinhole camera design for their next flagship phone, the Galaxy S10.

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